Aton Academy

By participating in one of our programs, you will be able to strengthen your existing skills while learning new techniques that will help you feel more confident and prepared for the future. These accomplishments could never be acquired in the classroom alone as they are the direct result of our integrated programs.

Landscape & Gardens Architecture
• Knowledge of soil, vegetation, ecology, and the professional practice of landscape architects.
• Knowledge of urban programs, functional systems, living environments, urban typologies and the field and the professional practice of landscape architects.
• Design skills in terms of cultural, programmatic and technical aspects.
• Design skills in terms of planning, details and materialization.

Irrigation Systems
• how much water should be applied and when?
• how to prevent leaching?
• Using an irrigation scheduling program
• Using of soil moisture sensors
• Uniform of Water application
• Energy efficiency of the pumping system

Management & Leadership
• The Relation between landscapes and leadership
• The requirements of distributed landscape leadership
• The art of facilitative landscape leadership
• Learn what to do when leadership gets difficult
• Manage conflicts
• Cultivate innovation in landscape


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