Greenhouse Horticulture
Investing in the future means investing in your business. With new construction, renovation or new installations. What the best choices are in this, is efficient, sustainable, is recouped and is still justified in 5, 10 or 15 years? That differs per company. Every project is customized and we offer that, clear and well-founded. Because we have years of experience and expertise in creating efficient solutions in greenhouse horticulture.

Greenhouse Construction
Together with the grower we look at which type of greenhouse and which format fits the company, the cultivation and the possibilities of the environment where it has to be built. Screening, an important component, also receives all the attention. From advice, design and permits to realization and construction supervision; we arrange the greenhouse construction expertly and with an eye for the wishes of our customers. We are always up to date with the latest trends, such as New Cultivation, vertical farming etc.

Heating and Cooling
Energy in greenhouse horticulture is essential, both for heating and cooling the greenhouse. In order to create the right climate for the crop, heating, cooling and CO2 must be perfectly attuned to this. This involves efficient generation / purchasing because we have to deal with energy more and more carefully and emit less. Zwijger has extensive experience with climate cells, CHP, heat pumps, geothermal energy, clusters, wind and more.

Water Installations
Adequate water of good quality is important in greenhouse horticulture. And to get that, store and distribute at the right times, modern water installations are needed. Think of spraying, irrigation or sprinkling. Or water installations where recirculation is possible so that the available water can be reused. We chart your water flows and advise you on the best solution that meets all environmental requirements.

Electrical Installations
All components come together in electrical control. This automation in greenhouse horticulture is self-evident and simultaneously challenging. Complex, mutually influencing processes for cultivation and peripherals must be optimally controlled by computers at the right time. That requires a clear strategy. This development also continues in the lighting. New techniques are chosen on the basis of use, intensity, equality, efficiency and costs.

Cultivation Facilities
Optimizing cultivation is one of the bases for a successful greenhouse horticulture business. This can be achieved by, for example, using the space in the greenhouse more intelligently, by improving the logistics or by better aligning the technology with the wishes of the grower. With all the technical expertise in house around cultivation facilities you can expect a thorough advice from us. Whether we have to take into account pot sizes, the storage of casks, the dimensions of the roller tables or the choice of the type of tables or growing gutters. We ensure that your end result is optimal.

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